Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time to break out the power tools

And so begins construction.  First order of business was to cut the mounting ring off the sump basin.  My trusty jigsaw made short work of that and the mounting lugs.

Next was rough cutting some MDF rings that would serve as the lid and base of Bender's head.  I cut these out with the bandsaw.

I decided that I wanted his body to be insulated, so the ice would last longer.  I needed an inner liner of some sort so I started wandering around my garage.

Ah HA!  A leaf bag funnel was a perfect fit inside.  Now to make it work...

The bottom has to be sealed up so water doesn't seep in there.  I had a disc lying around the shop that was a perfect fit.  I snapped that in place...

Followed by a ring of heavy pink foam insulation.  I used expanding foam to hold everything in place and put a big weight on top to hold it while the foam dried.

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