Sunday, December 6, 2009

It is so tough to get a head in this world.

I chucked up the baseplate for Bender's head on the lathe to turn it precisely round.  MDF is the absolute worst to turn on the lathe.  The dust is a nightmare.

You can see here how the two discs will go together to index the head properly to the body.

I used a 10" concrete form for the head.  It turned out to be almost perfectly to scale with the body.  I drew on Bender's face to give myself a good giggle ;)

Pink foam went on next to block out the neck area and head dome.  I rough cut them into circles and stuck everything together with spray adhesive.

Back to the lathe to shape things out.  I used a coarse autobody rasp to shave the foam down.  I mounted the head dome on an MDF plate and turned that separately.

And here we are after coarse shaping.  Test fitting the keg to make sure it still fits!  It's really starting to look like something now...

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