Sunday, December 6, 2009

Planning begins

The first thing I did was search around to see if anyone else has done the same thing. I found the Bender PC Case mod and the Bender Brewer Project.

The Bender Brewer was very cool, but didn't actually dispense finished beer. So I set out to make what I think is the first Bender to dispense beer.

The Bender PC case, while cool, seems way off on its proprortions. I used the Bender Brewer Project and several still captures from Futurama to come up with plans. I based the size of his body on the keg I wanted to fit inside. Interestingly, Bender's head is as tall as his body.

I decided he would basically be a big ice bucket, so I could use him anywhere without electricity. I hadn't decided where the beer would come out, but I had some vague ideas of making it come out his hands or cigar.

So I started wandering around Home Depot looking for parts. I found some garbage cans that looked promising, but would have needed a lot of work to smooth out. Then I found a sump pump basin that fit my dimensions precisely! Some spray foam, some aluminum tubes that looked like they might work for arms and I was ready to hit the workshop.

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