Monday, December 7, 2009

Color my, Bender

Time to start getting some paint on Mr. Bender.  I shot the first coats of white latex primer.  I used Kilz, a mildew-resistant primer in the hopes it would be a little tougher in the face of beer than most.

Starting to look like something now!  The eyes are just 4" PVC pipe couplers in there for placeholders.

I found some Velcro straps in my archive of junk and they're perfect for strapping the portable CO2 tank to the keg.

Here's what it looks like in his head - this shot is taken through his mouth.  A tight fit, but everything is safely inside.

And here he is posing with me so you can get a sense of scale.  He's almost life-sized!  He followed me to his first party shortly after this was taken.

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