Monday, December 7, 2009

In the head department

Time to get back to work on that Bender noggin!  I glued the concrete tube into holes cut in the base.  I cut a notch out of the back for the gauges to sit and hoses to come through.  The whole thing got wet out with polyester resin to waterproof it.

Starting to fiberglass his face.  The spray adhesive held the 'glass pieces in place, then they were wet out with resin.  The entire structure was covered in fiberglass for strength and waterproofing.  The face will make or break the look, so I was careful to double check everything as I went.

The beer is a necessary component of the process.

And here he is all 'glassed in.  He's sitting on top of a lazy Susan made into an impromptu turntable.

At the lathe I turned an antenna.  The top of the head also got a few extra layers of fiberglass, since I figure people will be yanking on the antenna any chance they get.

I've started adding the body filler here to help smooth out some of the lumps and bumps.  I'm not going for perfection, just to get it pretty smooth.

After much filling and sanding, Bender looks like a soldier with a bandaged head would.

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