Monday, December 7, 2009

Give that robot a cigar!

While the PVC cigar was pretty nice, I couldn't come up with a good way to mount it to Bender's face.  Then, again in my pile of junk, I found a set of extendible aluminum legs originally from a set of Rock Band drums.  These would be perfect!  I took apart the plastic clamp part and modified and shortened them to fit properly on Bender's mouth.  I later painted them white to blend in.

You can see here how the plastic clamp passes through Bender's mouth and is secured with the locking ring on the outside.  The cigar is held in place with a locking cam lever.

Quite the smile, yes?  Looks creepy without eyes...

Here's the final cigar.  I built up the shape of the cigar with electrical tape, making a bulge in the middle.  I painted the end red and covered the body with brown fabric tape to make it look like a cigar.  I took apart the picnic tap and painted the parts grey so they would look like the ask on the end of the cigar and perhaps a wisp of smoke.

And here's what he looks like today!  Next up is working on the arms and hands.

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