Sunday, December 6, 2009

The eyes have it!

Getting the eye pod in proportion and in the right part of the head was a challenge.  Technically the head is actually a little short, but when I proportioned it exactly from a picture it looked all wrong.  I guess cartoons don't always translate precisely to real life!

I'm just mocking everything up here, holding the eyes in place with some tape.  Once I had them there I could not stop giggling at it :)

Here is my portable paintball tank and regulator from  This will provide the CO2 pressure to push the beer out of the keg and into your glass.

This is how I originally envisioned the tank and reg would hang.

After that it was time for a little fiberglass work!  I started with the bottom of the tub.

Here it is all wet out with polyester resin.  This should seal it up against water.

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